Samuel Enrique Molina Bermudez

born on April 14, 1997 in the city of Coro state falcon country Venezuela. Passionate about videogames, music and soccer, I began to inquire about the programming languages ​​from the echo that are necessary in the graphic engines for the design of games, I had no idea what the programming languages ​​were, little by little I learned one or another language (python, java, c, c ++ etc) was a nomad looking for comfort until I caught up with c # understanding about programming oriented to objects it made me see that I had wasted time since it was hard for me to understand theories that are "basic". As in 2014 I met Blender3d and started creating animated models then small games but I just copied and pasted codes already in 2016 because of the need to apply university projects I focused on python and I started to create desktop applications, it was a long way to first learn Poo in Python, Threads and adapt to use graphical interface, little by little it was improving and obtaining satisfactory results from one moment to another reduced the time of development of programs of which I benefited economically and working so it was routine for me to make small desktop applications with handling to bd, play audio, videos and load images, others with Excel sheet management among other programs. I am willing to learn and adapt quickly to what I am asked to do.

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