Joseph Pernerstorfer

Hi, I'm an mid-level full-stack developer. I studied for two years (started with zero knowledge and ended graduating with honors in the Programmation subject) and worked for five (as of March 2020).

I have lots of experience in pure JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, VueJS, Apache Cordova, PHP, Symfony (2 & 3), ColdFusion, Oracle and MySQL. I have touched Angular(4.x) and during my studies I used JAVA (including some light projects for Android).

I have worked on a big hostelry company in Spain for almost four years, in which I participated in the development of a really potent Property Management System. There I had to learn almost everything: front, back, DB, servers, builds, tests; and loved every bit of it (pun intended). But still I wanted to expand my knowledge even more, see new technologies, new business logics, meet new people, live in new countries.

Now I´m working in Austria, using VueJS, JQuery, ColdFusion and MySQL. We are developing a PMS for Retail and Campaigns management.

I just love doing what I do, there is always something to learn and something to apply things you have learned.

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