Cristina Carrasco

My name is Cristina Carrasco, I have been working as a .net developer for about thirteen years, developing many Windows forms and web applications.

I have plenty experience working with C# on Web environment, starting with ASP.NET Web Forms and ending up with The .net Core MVC. I’m a Full-Stack developer, but I’m stronger at Back-End. As a Front-End I know a few JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery, AngujarJs and Angular 5, Kendo. Also, I have experience working on Windows Forms using the Visual Basic .net language along with the Infragistics Framework. My Database experiences is mostly with SQL Serve: creating data bases, tables, constrains, index, stored procedures, functions, jobs.

I have always been interested in computers and technologies, which is why I chose to follow this career path. I consider myself a geek and a gamer (PC); I would love to build a game some day. I like to fix hardware, disassemble things, and change components.


• 13+ years of experiences in the IT industry building software and web applications.

• Extensive experience in UI Development, Web UI analysis, Web design, coding, testing, implementation and support.

• Extensive experience in developing Web based applications and Client/server applications using HTML5, CSS3, MVC, Razor, C#, SQL, Entity Framework.

• Experience building UI using Bootstrap and Angular Material.

• Extensive experience with Infragisctis Framework and Windows Forms, Telerik Framework and Web.

• Expecience bulding and publishing a ASP applications in IIS.

• Strong knowledge of best practices for C# coding.

• Experience modeling databases with SQL.

• Actively took part in all the phases of the development life-cycle including design, architecture, implementation, release, unit testing, refactoring and maintenance.

• Experience designing User Experience and creating components, templates, prototypes and mockups of differents features and web pages.

• Used GIT & SVN for version control, GitFlow.

• Good experience designing large scale applications using TypeScript and Angular.

• Actively took part defining business rules for the new software to develop.

• Experience using Scrum methodologies.

• Azure Devops, Azure Data Factory, Azure functions, Azure logic apps, Azure Storage Account, Azure DataLake, Azure Sql Data Base.

• Quick learning abilities, autodidactic skills and team work.

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