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Eärendil Elrond Arwen

I am a student of 5th course of Mathematics in the Universidad de Málaga (UMA), and I am a professor on Electronic Engineer in the Superior Politechnic School (EPS) of the UMA, under Electronic Technology Department (TE). I am interesting very much in logic, computation languages, C++ and C++11, Haskell and much more others. As student of mathematics is TeX-LaTeX a writting system valuable for me. On the other hand, I am a fan of Linux and HURD, and if I use Windows is because still there are programs that they remain only running on a Windows system. On the other hand (I have count 3 hands) my interest in Philosophy (Metaphysic, Theory of Knowledgment, Husserliana Phenomenology, German Idealism, Heideggerian Existencialism, the theory of the limit of the intelligence from Polo and others). To no count more hands, here I say that we like very much the readings, the books of literature, inclusive scientific fantasy.

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