Matias P.

As a professional I define myself, as a software developer, but also as a entrepreneur, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that I try to apply everywhere I go. I truly love development, I get excited every time some new feature is released on my favorite languages and tools.

Throughout my career I worked with different tasks on different kind of businesses, but I focused my work on software development but also functional design and system architecture.

I have worked with very diverse people, some were difficult to work with, but with the majority is impossible not to have a good and why not excellent relationship, and excellent ideas. Never the less I always got friends who still remain after several years. Those "difficult" relationships became my more rewarding, some because I learn valuable lessons and others times they became friends, people that I care about.

I have a degree in "Systems Analyst" at UTN (Top University in Argentina), and for over 20 years that I work in systems analysis and design, in recent years I specialized on web solutions/applications for enterprises, such as management systems and base applications for business.

My experience ranges from designing a system from scratch, documenting the initial requirements, to the training courses and the design of technical and user manuals for a wide variety of systems with different characteristics.

I am a "fan" of team work, and I consider myself a self-taught. My innovative and proactive profile was and is very helpful to me, and helped me to face the problems that were appearing throughout my career.

My main focus is software development and functional design of robust applications of high demand. Web and mobile solutions with high added value.

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