Sergio Rivas

My teaching and professional expertise spans over a period of more than 12 years, time during which I have worked with cutting-edge technologies in the area of web development, mobile application development and computer Math.

I possess Senior level expertise utilizing the following technologies and tools: RubyOnRails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, ShellScript, Elixir, Phoenix, AngularJS, HTML5, Javascript, ES6, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, CSS, REST, GraphQL, NodeJS, Python, VueJS, Nuxt.js, Java, Docker, Docker-Compose, AWS, MongoDB, Laravel, Ionic, Unicorn, Passenger, Mongrel, Nginx, Thin, HAProxy, eXtreme programming, Scrum, Kanban among others.

I particularly enjoy working with emerging technologies and find myself capable of learning with great ease new programming languages and frameworks. I am also apt at working with WebAPIs, web services, designing software architecture, solving problems related to software functionality and server’s environment configuration.

I have worked towards the implementation and automation of several academic management systems utilized at the Central University of Venezuela, which resulted in a more robust and efficient communication between faculty members, greatly improving the performance of internal processes.

I have also had the opportunity to work extensively with other faculty members in the supervision of a multitude of research projects, being responsible for overseeing more than 30 dissertation theses, as well as leading work groups focused in software development using agile methods.

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