I am always trying to learn new things!

I like to spend time in nature, and doing exercise outside (Hiking for example). I consider myself as a disciplined, curious, listener and avid learner type person.

Since I discovered functional programming I have been using it and learning it. Particularly I enjoy developing in Scala, although I wouldn't mind to learn some day Haskell. I would like to become an expert in Functional Programming.

I also love Machine Learning and Data Science, and for me, Functional Programing and Machine Learning are the perfect combination. That is the reason why my target job is to become a Machine Learning Engineer. Ideally on a company that actively works on doing social good / Environmental services or AI safety.

My first experience as Machine Learning Engineer was when I became an Undergraduate Machine Learning Researcher at University of Granada. There, I developed an Apache Flink Library for Data Preprocesing using Scala. I adapted six preprocessing algorithms to work on a distributed environment and improved the baseline performance. This work can be read at https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.06021v1

Either if you want to teach me about FP and Machine Learning, or you think I can teach you something, feel free to reach me out.

Here is my blog: https://elbauldelprogramador.com/en/