J. David Moreno Hernández

In this moment I'm living in Ronda, a nice town on the mountains at south of Spain.   I've been working for some years in the education field until I realized that I wasn't following my real calling. For this reason I'm doing a big effort to start a new path and become a developer, which for the moment I find quite rewarding.

Recently I've been working in a company that offered Odoo as SaaS, so clients could choose between Odoo's build-in modules or other developed on-demand and access their Odoo instance at any place. Previously to this work I finished two important courses, there were 'CS50 Introduction to Computer Science' and 'CS50 Web Programming with Python and JavaScript'. These two courses are offered from HarvardX, and in such a way I've been able to learn the basics of the C programming language, and take a lot of practice with Python and JavaScript. I've also dedicated many days and months to HTML, CSS or frameworks like Flask, Django or Bootstrap.

Also I've developed some personal projects. I wrote a little Odoo module that can be seen here https://github.com/JdavidMoreno/repoblaciones, and I developed a web app that can be visited here www.foodandlocal.org where local producers could show their products and get in contact with potential clients. I made it using Flask in Python, Bootstrap and making use of the Google's Maps API for JavaScript. I have other Django App also visible on GitHub https://github.com/JdavidMoreno/Final-Project

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