I have an app to generate pdf files from csv files. The problem is when I want to show the PDF, sometimes it looks like in the image below, the data is correct but the headers are overlapped, and this only happens when I show the PDF file with electron and iframe. If I open the file manually, without electron, it looks good, all the headers are fine.

NOTE: The problem occurs when I run my app on a HMI with windows embedded, if I run the app on my computer it works fine.

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This is my code to show the PDF file in a new BrowserWindow.

    let pdfViewerWindow = new BrowserWindow({
       autoHideMenuBar : true,
       resizable : false,
       minimizable : true,
       maximizable : false,
       closable : false,
       movable: false,
       skipTaskbar : true,
       webPreferences: {
           nodeIntegration: true,
           plugins: true
   ipcMain.on('openPDFViewer', (event) => {

       try {


       } catch (error) {

And I use an iframe to show the PDF on my BrowserWindow ..

<div class="m-0 p-0">
  <iframe src="../PDF/pdfViewer.pdf#zoom=65" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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