Hi I recently updated to Xcode 11.5. However I've recently noticed an iOS12 simulator error is crashing my app "Unknown class in Interface Builder file". I haven't changed any class names or storyboards, all the outlets are linked and targets are defined for all documents. Interestingly the app runs perfectly in iOS13 simulator, but crashed on iOS12 simulator. Here is what is being printed in the output window:

2020-07-30 13:15:57.367603+0200 Unknown class TabPaymentView in Interface Builder file.

I've deleted the class and recreated, removed the xib file and re-add it, made sure the view controller is references correctly as is the target, but the problem persists and I'm out of ideas.

  • Hello! This is Stack Overflow in Spanish! Please, translate your question! – Candid Moe el 31 jul. 20 a las 9:03

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