I've been using iTextSharp for a while without problems. I use it to fill out PDFs and work with different types of fields. One of them are comb fields. Before version, comb fields would show spaces properly, like shown below:

comb field working as expected

However, when I migrated my project to net standard and installed iTextSharp (itextsharp.netstandard in nuget), comb fields stopped working fine. When a PDF has multiple comb fields sharing the same name (this is required. I use the same name because I intend to have the same field in multiple places across the PDF file), only the first one has the right spacing, but the others do not:

second instance of the comb field

The curious thing is that when I click the field in Adobe, the characters suddenly get spaced out fine, but when I stop clicking, then they get together again.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

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